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Updated Traditional Master Bedroom

I am very excited to share this master bedroom makeover.  Louann, my client, had a husband who unexpectedly passed away last summer.  At Christmas time she had a big cookie decorating get together at her house and snuck me back to her room and asked if I was willing to help transform the space.  I could tell this was really needed for her mentally so amongst my busy mom and school life, I was happy to take on the challenge.

A few months later we had our initial meeting where I get an idea of the direction she wanted to go.  I strongly encouraged her to remove the red and she agreed.  She imagined white and gray but still traditional, nothing modern.  Out of respect for my clients, I do not share budgets, but I will say I liked the budget she gave me.  It was enough to complete the vision yet still needed to be creative on where to save and where to splurge.  Pretty much everything in the room she wanted removed.  The bed she had since she was first married (I’m guessing 30+ years), the nightstands and dresser were only 3 years old, but picked out by her husband.  She needed all new.  She needed a space that reflected her…the new her.    This is what I came up with:
screen shot 2018 06 20 at 10.28.15 pm


I am never right on my first try, but at least it’s a jumping off point.  I soon found out that she had already purchased a bed.  I wasn’t a fan of the bed, and threw a hissy fit at first (I’m so embarrassed), but then realized that she loved the bed and I needed to “make it work” (Louann, if you are reading this, again, I am so sorry!).  I could also tell she wasn’t loving the vision board.  I knew I needed to add just a hint of red back in and make it more traditional. So after a few revisions, this is what we ending up with and we both love it:


screen shot 2018 06 20 at 10.41.57 pm

Here are some before and after pictures of the space.  Such a great transformation. Enjoy!


img 6459


img 5407


img 6465


img 5402

We took the existing curtain rods, raised them, and added connectors at the angles in the bay window.  This area of the room was begging for some pattern, so we went with these semi shear panels from Pottery Barn.  The chair is a glider that swivels, if she wanted to face toward the windows and read a book or turn and face the TV.

img 6462



img 6461


img 6454
img 5404

The tall dresser wasn’t needed anymore so I thought a decorative sofa table would look good under the TV.  I am going to leave it up to Louann to style it, because I’m not a fan of clutter or decor with no meaning.  I suggested a plant, baskets for underneath, and a picture or two on top.  The TV is huge, but important to my client, so I had it installed on a swivel so she could watch it from her chair.

img 6451
img 5414

Most Texans love their ceiling fans, but Louann said she could never feel this one when in bed, so it was pointless.  This aloud us to find a pretty chandelier.  This one is a perfect scale for this big room and gives her the light she wanted.

img 6487

img 5409

The picture below is the first view when you walk in the room and it’s such a welcomed one!

img 6493

img 5412

And for some finishing touches…

img 6477

img 6469

img 6442

img 6467

img 6447

Lastly, I want to talk about my favorite part of the room and that is the wall treatment.  The Picture molding is gorgeous and painted SW Monorail Silver.  The rest of the room and ceiling was painted SW Pure White.  This really helped lighten up the room.  Any time I can add custom woodworking to a space, it completely elevates it to a whole new level.

I hope you enjoyed the transformation.  Louann loves it and that makes me so happy for her.

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The white bedding and pillows are from Pottery Barn

The Sofa Table, Blue Lamp, Clue Coral pictures, Chair and Ottoman are from Home Goods

Side Table by chair and Mercury Lamps are from Overstock.com (the room needed a little contemporary)

Rug is from RugsUSA and absolutely beautiful and soft.  Highly recommend!

Nightstands are from Ashley Furniture

Upholstered Bench is from Wayfair