Nursery/Guest Room

I know I said I don’t love designing nurseries…but maybe that’s changed a little, because I loved how its turning out.  I deliver Baby Girl in two weeks and I’m almost ready, physically.  Emotionally, Eek!  I really was “living the dream” with a very independent 9 and 6 year old that go to school full time.  Leaving me home with a cuddly fur ball dog and plenty of time to: work on design, nap, shop, read, sub, exercise, go out to lunch with friends, craft, volunteer in 3 organizations and pretty much do whatever the heck I want until 3:30pm.  But that is not what life is about…being comfortable.  So here I go, extending myself as a 36 year old and having a baby.  Phillip and the girls are so excited.  And if you have read my posts before, you know that initially I did this for my husband.  Now I’m doing this for us, my family.  We all need this little girl/sister/daughter in our lives and we’re excited to meet her.


Thank you for your take on the two nursery boards.  I decided to mix them up.  When I was sitting in the room visualizing the space I knew it needed color. Pops of color.  It’s super small and the basic furniture and paint are very neutral.  Did I forget to mention that it serves 3 purposes?  Yep, a nursery, a guest room, and craft closet.  Sadly there was no room for a rocking chair/glider, or a changing table.  I am make shifting the end of the queen size bed into a small changing area.  Being positive, I am imagining some peaceful quiet nights snuggling (nursing) baby girl in that bed, so the idea of a nursery/guest room combo isn’t so bad.

So here is the plan:

screen shot 2017 01 23 at 10.43.36 pm


It’s almost all put together and most items were either gifted (THANK YOU!) or ordered and on their way.  And because the hunt is half the fun, most everything was on sale or an affordable price so hubby doesn’t get too upset.  I promise to post some pictures really soon.  All of the resources are below.  In real life its beautiful and a happy place.  My girls were a big part of putting it all together and so were you!  I hope you like it too.

Mobile/Rabbit Pictures/Stripe Quilt/Sputnik Light/Checkered Quilted Pillow/Abstract Art/Black Polka Dot Crib Sheet/Rug/Coral Round Velvet Pillow/Grid Pillowcase/Mustard Tassel Pillow/Black Ikat Pillow/Pink and Brass Lamp/Bed Skirt


Help!  I deliver this baby girl in 3 weeks and I need to put the finishing touches in the nursery.  This is supposed to be the fun part, but I am struggling!  I’d much rather design more sophisticated spaces like a kitchen, an office, or bathroom.  Kids rooms and nurseries are NOT my thang.  But this is what I have so far…



So which one do you like?  A or B?  Cover up one half then look at the other.  Which one speaks to you and why?  Should I go girlie, blushy, and feminine (A)? Or fun and modern, allowing for pops of color (B)?

The furniture is all white-ish and the walls are neutral (Revere Pewter- too lazy to repaint).  I am SET on getting both the bunny pictures, although I could switch them out to black and white prints, AND the black and white swiss dot bed sheet.  Is there something you’d keep looking for? Different rug maybe? I hate being so indecisive, especially when in the end, this really isn’t that big of a deal.

Thanks for your help and feedback!  Fun stuff.  Good times.  Tiff

My House- Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms are important to me.  They are supposed to be a sanctuary.  Yet, I find that many people put the master bedroom as low priority, a storage room, and last to decorate.  So sad.  If that’s you…change it right now!  If your bedroom is pulling dual duty, and also an office, that’s okay, it can still be relaxing and beautiful.

Here are some pictures of my Master Bedroom in it’s current state.  It’s been this way for a while and I think I may be ready for some updates.  

img 6257

img 6260

img 6261

img 6266

img 6268

img 6271

One of the first things I would purchase is a bed/headboard.  It grounds the space (usually a rug does this, but a bed does this for me in a bedroom) and sets the stage for the rest.  A bed also looks official, like your staying awhile and you’re an adult.  I recommend an upholstered headboard.  They are comfortable to lean on and have become quite affordable these days.  Here is my favorite upholstered bed.screen shot 2016 05 16 at 11.08.45 amI know that in my room I have a wooden bed.  It’s the Pottery Barn Farmhouse bed and I absolutely love the look of it.  I eyed it in the catalog for years then saw it at an outlet and didn’t even think twice and bought it.  As far as comfort level, its terrible.  I have a huge stack of pillows to lean against every night and that can be annoying.  So this is why I recommend an upholstered headboard.  If you are worried about it getting dirty, then get one with a slipcover or one made out of a more durable fabric like leather, tweed or grasscloth.

Bedding.  Bedding can be expensive.  I say go affordable on your duvet cover.  IKEA, West Elm, and Target have great choices that are under $100.  I bought my cloud duvet over 8 years ago from Anthropologie (similar) and I still love it, but I am ready for a new one.  That was when it only came in the off-white color, but since then so many other companies have copied the look for less.  I love a solid color or something simple for the duvet to serve as the backdrop for the pillows.  This quilt from West Elm has especially caught my attention lately.quilt

Pillows.  I love pillows.  I want you all to realize that this is where I think you should spend some money or even better, learn to sew, because pillows are the centerpiece and make the biggest statement in the room.  Twin=one Euro, Queen= two Euros, King=three Euros.  Euros are those giant square pillows near the back of your headboard.  Group a few pillows in front, or my favorite, one long lumbar.  Here are a few looks I love lately as I redesign my room. Blue Batik Pillows and Mongolian Lumbar.

screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.11.00 pm

screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.13.29 pm

From My Room: I bought the blue and cream Ikat fabric at Home Fabrics discount store and sewed the two Euros in the back.  I bought one Euro from Anthro to match the duvet.  The floral lumbar I made from IKEA fabric.  I took the stuffing from two cheap standard pillows and made the lumbar insert.

Art.  Keep it simple above the bed or don’t do anything at all.  I also love art flanking the bed behind lamps. If you do this, skip the art above the bed, negative space is okay.  I am so done with these boring lamps I have.  I have my eye on some sweet swing arm lamps right now.

screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.22.48 pm

Window Treatments. Again, IKEA, Target, and West Elm are affordable places for these.  If you have the means, splurge for my favorite curtain rod…the oversized polished nickel rod from WE.  It seriously makes a difference in a room and is so much better looking than the cheap $20 ones.

screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.19.04 pm

Other.  Keep it simple and classy.  Edit your chochsky’s.  Only have 1-3 displayed.  Nightstands should be different…don’t get sucked into sets.  Keep them clean and clutter free.  Add a live or fake plant.  Dust often.  Vacuum frequently.  Have enough lighting/lamps that you never have to use the ceiling light (unless it’s amazing).  If you have your computer in your room, buy an attractive desk, one with storage.  Keep it clean and organized.  Nate Berkus for Target has wonderful desk accessories to keep it good looking yet functional.  If you have a TV in the room, it’s not a big deal, I have one so no judgement here.  Just keep the electronics dusted often and try not to have the TV be a focal point in the room.  Paint.  Keep it light, do not go dark.  screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.25.29 pm

Any questions?  I know that was quick.  I love designing rooms and helping people get their sanctuary in order.  Hopefully you are inspired to update yours.

This post is not sponsored.  All opinions are my own.


My House- Girls Bedroom

img 6281

I have just recently updated my two daughter’s (ages 6&8) room.  I kept the walls Revere Pewter because I’m too tired and cheap to paint…let’s be real folks.  I separated the white bunk beds to be parallel to each other and got excited for my kids to actually make their beds now (making your bed and bunk beds does not go well together, unless you can afford Bedeez).  I fortunately live near a West Elm outlet and bought most of the bedding there.  I love color, and I love florals, so I had fun by purchasing the duvet and coverlet for a steal. To personalize it more for each daughter, Jane has Flamingo sheets, and Paisley (of course) has Zebra sheets.  The sheet sets were found at Macy’s in the Martha Stewart Collection.  The Flamingo is still available here, along with so many other cute novelty print choices.  Have fun with your sheets!

img 6285

img 6286

I painted an old $60 craigslist mid century dresser about 5 years a nasty yellow I never liked. Now I look back and LOVE the original stain dang it, why did I have to paint it???  To get rid of the nasty yellow I decided to paint it a more neutral color, Affordable Gray, by Sherwinn Williams.  I polished the brass handles and it felt fresh again.

img 6283

img 6278

Thanks to the new Pillowfort and Threshold line at Target, I accesorized, bringing in the modern feel it was needing.

screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.45.14 pm screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.46.51 pm screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.51.28 pm screen shot 2016 05 16 at 12.53.11 pm

screen shot 2016 05 16 at 1.13.51 pm

I love the way the gallery turned out.  I found this darling print of the girl laying in the grass at an Etsy boutique in Dallas.  It reminded me of Jane.  The Zebra watercolor was done by my artistic sister but you can purchase one at Land if Nod. “Oh the Places You’ll Go” gold foil print was purchased from this Etsy shop.  The lamp on the dresser was purchased at JC Penny years ago and was part of the Jonathan Adler Collection.

img 6275

The oversized basket is from Home Goods and holds all the stuffed animals and blankies.  Above the basket are hooks from Target and a print found here.

img 6282

I’m tempted to get a rug to lighted up and ground the space, but financially it was low priority.  It really is a small space, so I don’t allow any toys in the room, just stuffed animals.  The toys stay in the toy room.  Overall I think the updated girls room turned out happy and complete.

img 6276

This post is not sponsored.  All opinions are my own.



My Health Journey–Slightly Changed

July 1st, 2016, my life changed.  I found out that I am pregnant!  Yep, this 36 year old is going to have a baby! Therefore, my health journey has changed a bit.  I am putting Take Shape For Life on pause until I start feeling better.  My nausea is awful and food, other than buttered toast and chocolate milk, sounds gross.  TSFL has a great program that I may start up soon called the 3-3.  Where I eat 3 mini meals/snacks and 3 lean and green meals.  I believe this is for maintenance, but I could see me losing a little and it being really good for my body nutritionally.

img 1137

My Baby Journey

Many of you might know that when I had my second child, Paisley, 6 years ago I had a rough labor and delivery.  My uterus ruptured in 3 different places.  While getting stitched up, my doctor said I shouldn’t have any more babies, which was shocking and hard to hear.  Then at my 2 week check up, she said, well, wait 3 years for your body to heal and maybe one more.  So, three years later, my husband was unemployed for 1.5 years. I went back to teaching first grade for a year to buy him some time to find a good job.  Then he did, and that is what brought us to Texas.  After getting settled in Texas I was feeling pretty good with two children.  I often thought that two kids is so doable.  I started thinking about my career and was missing teaching.  I even started a small interior design business that still to this day I am thoroughly enjoying.  I started getting vain and “selfish” in a way, thinking (hoping) that my family was complete.  My husband on the other hand was (more) than ready to start trying again.  He got to the point where he was mad and angry with me and our relationship was really struggling.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I agreed to try again, totally trusting Heavenly Father.  I got my IUD out July 2014.  We have technically be trying for two years.  I never had a problem getting pregnant with my first two, so why now?  Like I said, I was very trusting of Heavenly Father.  Phillip, was not.  He thought that I wasn’t getting pregnant because I didn’t want to, and my body knows that.  Being in limbo for two years (which I understand in the world of fertility is not very long sadly), I needed to give it my all to get pregnant then if not, move on.  I was emotionally drained.

So we went on fertility.  We both agreed on 3 months then call it quits.  The first month was fine, but I never got a positive on my ovulation stick.  The second month my Clomid was doubled and I gave myself a shot to help me ovulate.  BINGO. It worked!  One month away from quitting and I get pregnant.  I truly believe that fertility is a personal decision.  But for us, a little science helped us, and I’m grateful for that.  I also think losing weight helped.  Now I am 11 weeks along.  I will deliver with a c-section on week 36 (February) as a safety precaution because the doctor does not want me to contract at all.  I am just fine with delivering a little early, so no complaining here.

tintle117 2282x3423

Now that I’m really pregnant, I look at this recent family picture and I know now that my family isn’t complete yet.  We are missing someone.  I’m so glad that I have the faith to know that I’m being cared for by a loving Heavenly Father.  I’m so excited to be on this path to having another child and adding to this family.  The girls are so happy and talk about “it” all the time.  My husband…excited is an understatement.  Let’s just say that he is happy and more helpful than ever.  There will be a 6.5 year gap between my youngest and the baby, so it will definitely be a change around here. Starting all over is a little frightening, but I’m trying to focus on all the positives.  I have already picked out my diaper bag for one.  Cute huh?

fawndesignnavyfront 1 grande

fawndesignnavyinside 1 1024x1024