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Turn This Into That!

I feel so blessed to be working for/with my dear friend Rachel and her husband Joe.  They bought an existing Dental Practice a few years ago near where I live.  The dentist retired and Joe took it over.  They did a lot of cosmetic work when they first got there.  Painting the outside and inside, updating the adobe theme.  They took down old dusty beams, added and painted ceiling tile, remodeled the bathroom, replaced the operatory cabinets, and reupholstered the existing furniture.  From what it sounds like, it hadn’t been touched or updated for years.  Rachel found out I was a designer and worked on a dental office before (my brother in law at Greystone Dental).  I took her on a little field trip to the other office and she was impressed enough to hire me…Yay!  Joe has made it clear that he’d like to redo the entire office, but in phases over the next year or two.  The spaz in me wants to do it all now, but I am ready and willing to wait because I have such a vision for this place.

Here are the priorities:  1. Center Lab/work area (HUGE overhaul and very much a priority to help things run smoother) 2. Update windows and trim, paint 3. Front Entryway, Check in/out…EEK! My favorite part. 4. Breakroom, Associates office, Lab

Let me start with the part I am most excited about, where my vision began…

Cement Tile is all the rage right now and I’m LOVING IT!  Just because it’s “the rage” doesn’t mean it’s trendy.  In my opinion, it’s timeless.  It’s finally just catching on again.  Also search “terra-cotta tile” and you’ll get some wonderful eye candy.  Look at this fireplace below that I’m working on in a dental office.  At first I was like “How can I get rid of the fireplace?” then it quickly turned into “Let’s embrace this fireplace and turn it into something like this!  How often do you go to dentist office with a fireplace?”!!!


Left Picture: Me ||  Middle Picture: Amber Interiors ||  Right Picture:HGTV