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Fixer Upper

Update: I wrote this post before the Silos opened.  This is when I visited the Magnolia shop on Bosque.

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Any Fixer Upper fans out there?  I admit, I’m a groupie. I’m in love with the show. I’m in love with Chip and Jo-jo. I love how cute and funny Chip is with his with her. I love how sweet back she is to him. I love and appreciate her taste even though its different than mine sometimes.  For the first time ever she makes me wish I lived on a farm. Now I know what ship lap is and I love it.

Now that I live in Texas I can appreciate what talent she brings to this state. Most houses in Texas are dark and “Tuscan”. Joanna brings a breath of fresh air that Texas badly needs (Texas is pretty behind in the design world compared to where I’m from, Utah).

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.49.18 PMSo….being the groupie that I am….I begged my husband to stop in Waco on our way to Austin.  I fell in love with the Magnolia shoppe. It’s in a really beat up, random part of town and very small, but totally worth going out of the way.  I left with two small but awesome trinkets:  a galvanized plant holder, and a Joanna signature candle. Now seriously, the candle is amazing. The scent is “Linen”. It makes everything smell clean, just as I imagine Joanna’s house smelling.

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After the first season I was a afraid that she might be a one trick pony, but season 2 she has broken out of the mold.  My favorite episode so far is when she redesigns a midcentury home. You never would have guessed it was her first time. The brass poles, minimalist decor, and elegant kitchen cabinets are perfection.

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Designer Joanna Gains

Highs: Kitchens, Exterior Paint Colors, Landscaping, Dining Room Furniture, Lighting, Use of Vintage Signs, and Craft/Work Rooms, great styling of accessories

Lows: Bedrooms are way too frilly, can be a one trick pony