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The Color Green

I like the color green.  Notice I didn’t say “love”. I think it’s because I prefer the beach more than the mountains.  I love it when nature plays a role for the feel of a space, but I will never take it literally. For example, if a client loves the coast, I will not be decorating with boey’s and oars. Rather with the “feel” of the coast inviting coastal colors and textures.

So going back to the color green. I don’t use it as a main focal point very often when designing, perhaps just little pops of it here and there.  A live fiddle fig or snake plant seem to be my go to’s.  Yet I would gladly take on the challenge if a client said design me a green room. Did you know that department stores struggle selling green clothes the most?  Yet there have been some memorable green moments on the red carpet when done right ie. Jennifer Lopez 2000 Versace gown.  Green can be a strong color and perhaps I haven’t given it the credit it deserves. I’ve been thinking about how the color green has changed over the decades, and how you can pinpoint a decade just by the shade of green.  See if you agree with me…

green through the decades

So, do you like the color green?

If yes, which shade of green speaks to you?

Which shade of green do you least like?

How do you like to use green when decorating?

What are your memories of green?

I could tell you all about my “sea green” birthday party and my dream of owning a forest green Ford Explorer, and the avocado green tupperware my mom hung on to for years, but I won’t bore you with those details.

Green is kind of fun to think about isn’t it…