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Do you have some great Boutiques/Markets in your neck of the woods? Since I moved from Utah, which is FULL of them, to Texas a few years ago I have been struggling in this area. I’ve ventured to a few that were full of strange things and, dare I say it, poor taste. Then, I found this ETSY one. Awww, finally! It’s called the Handmade Bash. They host two a year. One at Christmas time and one in the Spring. ┬áCome April 30th, you know where I’ll be and I’ll definitely post some pictures so check back. My sister Hayley also found another market that I adored recently called “Flea Style”, so I know more are out there, I just need to find them. So what market/boutique do you have in your area and is a must go? I’d love to know.