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July 2017

I get so excited about certain things in life that I just want to share with everyone. Here’s what puts a smile on my face this summer:

1// Jenni Gochner.  She is the crazy talent behind the painted Gourds!  I have been slowly collecting them for over 10 years now.  I just recently added Lady Liberty to the mix.  They are my favorite Holiday decor item to put out.  If you are lucky to live in Utah, go visit her Markets.  The best of the best show up.  You’ll thank me.

img 0315

2// Lime Riki Swimsuit.  I first bought the White Rose Peplum Tankini top and matched it with some high waisted blue bottoms I already had.

whiterose pep f 500x

I loved it so much I decided to buy more since I do lots of pool time in the summer. So I also got the Navy Peplum Tankini Top with the Jungle High Waist bottoms (just like the picture below).

navy peplum f8 500x

I actually gets compliments on it.  Makes me feel pretty good with this post-baby body.  The quality is amazing and I love the prints and modesty factor. Plus, you’ll love that they have a self-esteem campaign going, that no matter what size you are, you should feel beautiful. Bam! I love it.  TODAY there is a sale!  25% off you whole order.

3// Summer Blanket.  I’ve been wanting new bedding for my King bed.  That ain’t cheap.  So I have added one new thing every month for the past few months.  In April I ordered 3 new Euro Shams.  In May I bought a new Duvet Cover.  In June I bought a new blanket.  This month I will finish it off with a 14×36 statement pillow, which I haven’t decided on the fabric yet (go bold or serene???).  What I really want to talk about is the blanket.  I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!  It’s just what my bed needed to feel fresh and light.  It’s pretty thin so it’s not hot, crisp white, little stitching, and super soft.  Perfect summer blanket.  When you see my bed made (ha ha ha), that is mostly what you see as I’m tri-folding the duvet at the end to look more luxurious- great designer tip.

screen shot 2017 07 03 at 10.05.33 pm

4// Basil Couscous Salad. My mom made this salad when I was visiting her and I ate it for three days straight.  It was amazeballs.  So fresh and so unique.  Seriously try it.  BTW, everything at “A Bountiful Kitchen” blog looks brilliant.


5// Wire Brush.  If you have a fiberglass shower like I do, you’ve probably noticed that the bottom can look dirty and dingy.  My friend owns very successful business repairing fiberglass showers and tubs, so I asked him, how do I get it to look brand new again?  He said to use a wire brush.  Best little tool for the job.  With a little Lime Away and scrubbing, the floor looks fabulous now. Also, have you ever wondered how to remove hard water spots off your glass shower door?  SOS pad.  Works every time. You’re Welcome!

screen shot 2017 07 03 at 10.17.29 pm

6// Black and White Please. This shirt is adorable and comes in several different colors if you aren’t a Black and White pinstripe freak like me.

screen shot 2017 07 03 at 10.27.53 pm

I love this store out of Utah that is also online named “Called to Surf”. So many cute and affordable dresses, I want this one.

20170616 called to surf 177


Enjoy Your Summer everyone!  What makes you smile this summer that you want to share with me???I have some facelift reveal posts I’m working on, so come on back and check those out soon!

Love, Tiff




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