How to Make a Fixer Upper Inspired Wreath

Great for the month of June!


My parents were about to come visit, I cleaned my house, my car, I did everything but I noticed that I had no wreath on my door to say “Welcome” and “I care”. It was one of those in-between holiday times and I had only seasonal wreaths in my stash, nothing that was for those in-between times.  I needed to make an everyday wreath.  I had a left over straw wreath from other projects and I looked through my stash of decorative fabric.  I saw this awesome black and white bird fabric and that’s when I channeled JoJo from Fixer Upper.  Her favorite colors (or should I say shades) are black and white.  I usually go for color, but this felt simple and right.  Then I looked through my ribbon stash and found some natural wire ribbon that I thought would compliment the black and white well.  After about 20 minutes…Oula!  I have an every day wreath.

To this day I get compliments on it so I thought it would be a great “Craft and Chat” activity.  On the night of the activity, everyone picked a fabric from my stash and they all turned out so darn cute.  On Facebook I was asked to give directions for those that can’t come to Texas.  If you have any question, hollar.  If you make one, please post a picture in the comments.  That is one of my favorite parts of Craft and Chat, seeing the final project in your home.  So get your craft on! It’s so easy and you’ll love looking at it everyday.



1. After getting all the supplies above, cut and rip your fabric into 2.25″ strips.

2. Secure the end of the first strip on the back of the wreath with glue. Start wrapping.  When you have run out of fabric on the first strip, glue the end to the back and repeat until wreath is all wrapped.

3. Wrap the 33″ wired ribbon around the top of the wreath securing it with glue.

4. Make the bow by looping the 4′ ribbon back and forth, smaller loops every time (refer to picture above).  Scrunch in the middle and secure with wire.

5.  Fold 8″ ribbon in thirds length wise and wrap around bow, hiding wire.  Secure with glue.

6.  Glue bow onto wreath on top of the ribbon.

Done!  Enjoy your Everyday Wreath!

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