My Top Ten Favorite Baby Items 0-6 months Continued


If you missed my top five baby items of the Top Ten list, click here.

Alright, thanks for stickin’ around.  Here are the rest of My Favorite Baby Items:

6.  Baby Bandana Drool Bibs-  Cost $19.99.  These are the modern day bib and so dang cute!  Magnolia has pretty bad Acid Reflux, so these are a must because she is a fountain and I don’t feel like changing her outfit 4 times a day.91gf1nr4cel. sx522

7.  Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper- Cost $79.99.  I would not have known about this if it wasn’t for my sister-in-law Heather.  While I was pregnant she sent me a link on Amazon when it was $20 cheaper and said to nab it.  I trusted her not knowing what it was.  You need to do the same!  Nab it!  This bassinet type of bed is amazeballs!  It has the perfect incline, especially for acid reflux, and rocks on it’s own for 30 min. or 6 hours!  It’s compact and the height fits perfectly next to your bed if you want for convenient night feedings or binki duty.  It also has white noise with volume control.  Just plug it in, turn it on, and goodnight.71dpyvxgatl. sx522

8.  Dohm White Noise Machine- Cost $44.99.  It’s a little on the high side for a white machine but that’s because it’s the best.  Not attractive, not ugly, just one sound (airflow) but worth every penny when it keeps your baby sleeping longer.  Not to mention my husband and I get better sleep with it on too.7116d5vggwl. sx522

9.  Lucy Darling Shop Monthly Stickers and Baby Book-  Every month I get excited to take Magnolia’s picture with one of these stickers on her outfit.  It’s fun and sad to see her get bigger.  I also love to measure her growth by laying her next to the same stuffed animal.  Jellycat makes beautiful stuffed animals. The lion was gifted to Magnolia from her grandma and grandpa and special already.  The Baby Book by Lucy Darling is so simple,  to the point and adorable.  Making milestones easy to record and so cute to look at.51k8mnblrol51mp 4pvy5l61qvgjm93rl. sx522 618cdj3+0 l. sx522 61i8mkramul. sx522

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10.  Ollie Swaddle- Cost $59, (use my link and get 10% off!). I’m a huge believer in swaddling babies to help them sleep and sleep longer.  Their arms and hands can be a big distraction so I say tuck those puppies in.  The Ollie Swaddle is my favorite because Magnolia can not break out of it, unlike other swaddle blankets.  The material it’s made of is super soft and breathable.  It’s designed very thoughtfully by a mother and the velcro placement makes for a snug swaddle that will last hours.  Just go to the website and you’ll see how amazing yourself.  If you don’t want to “invest” in an Ollie, then my second pick for a swaddle blanket is what I have used for all of my babies.  It mimics the thin flannel blankets from the hospital that have just the right amount of stretch.  It’s called Swaddle Designs Cost: $15-25.  Instructions are on the tag and easy to follow.  You’ll be a swaddling pro before you know it and a believer if you stick with it.

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My Second Favorite Swaddle:81mkqwz4pql. sx522

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