My Top Ten Favorite Baby Items 0-6 months


Since I just had a baby, it only seems appropriate I do a baby post to get me up and going again on this blog/website. I feel pretty strong and passionate about some baby items I can’t imagine living without right now.  So I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 items that have made this third go around so much easier.  In random order:

  1. Doona Car Seat/Stroller– FAVORITE BABY PURCHASE EVER!!!!  It has a stroller built in Yo!  You can use it from 4-35 lbs. It clicks in and out of a base in your car so easily.  It’s compact.  It’s sleak looking.  The handle bar moves up and down (great when in tight spaces or when your 6 yr old wants to push).  And it swivels like an IKEA shopping cart.  It costs $499.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, that’s expensive, but all the car seat stroller systems I was looking out averaged about $399.  Why not spend $100 more for convenience, ease, no separate stroller taking up room in your car…plus, I have heard that they resale wonderfully, and that’s what I’m planning to do (that’s why I bought the gray, even though they come in so many fun colors).  I’ll put that money into the next car seat.  Bam!  My favorite thing is seeing peoples reaction when I just flip out those wheels and Oula!doona infant car seat storm grey 76
  2. Doona Essential Bag– Costs around $50. IF you decide to pull the plug on a Doona Car Seat/Stroller, then definitely get the Essential Bag to go with it.  They come in matching colors, it’s just the right size for what you need, plenty of pockets, and it clips onto the handle bar easily.  The name is perfect because it truely carries all the baby essentials but not too big where you spend 5 minutes trying to find your keys.  There are never sales on Doona, but you can sometimes score this bag for free like I did at Christmas Time from Albee Baby online store.doona essentials bag storm grey 18
  3. Fawn Design Diaper Bag/Backpack– Costs around $159. I know there are a lot out there to choose from.  This one is awesome.  It doesn’t really look like a diaper bag which I like.  It’s made out of practical and beautiful synthetic leather on the outside AND inside (for easy cleaning).  I get compliments and asked about it every where I go.  There are the classic colors it comes in like gray, black, and camel.  Then there are the seasonal colors like plum, navy, blush, and poppy.  They are always changing it up but just to warn you, they sell out quick, so get on their mailing list if the color you want is sold out.  That’s how I got mine.  Girl Baby=Blush.  I had to have it!fd 4.21 beckykimballphoto 279 800x
  4. Ubbi Diaper Pail- I didn’t have a diaper pail with my first two babies because I was more into walking my butt to the garage to dispose the diaper every time instead of it stinkin’ up the nursery with so-so working diaper pails.  Not anymore!  I’m loving the Ubbi.  I got it in gray because white seemed boring and sterile, yet I didn’t want to bring attention to it with a loud design.  The powder coated steel and rubber seal locks in the odor.  Just for an added touch, I like to throw in a new dryer sheet every time I change the bag.  Speaking of bags…no special bag is required.  You can use any tall kitchen bag, although I just bought the purple Ubbi bags out of convenience and I didn’t find them expensive.71u5ewxvhvl. sy679
  5. Copper Pearl Car Seat Cover- My sister and sister-in-law used these and I had to get one too.  It has multi functions. Because its made from stretchy knit, it fits over every car seat.  When I take the babes on stroller rides, it stays put and keeps her out of the sun without being too hot.  I’ve also used it as a nursing cover and swaddle blanket.  Multiple uses I tell ya!71bqoitrcsl. sx522

Stay Tuned for the next 5 baby items!

(All opinions are my own with no compensation other than affiliate links)

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