Nursery/Guest Room

I know I said I don’t love designing nurseries…but maybe that’s changed a little, because I loved how its turning out.  I deliver Baby Girl in two weeks and I’m almost ready, physically.  Emotionally, Eek!  I really was “living the dream” with a very independent 9 and 6 year old that go to school full time.  Leaving me home with a cuddly fur ball dog and plenty of time to: work on design, nap, shop, read, sub, exercise, go out to lunch with friends, craft, volunteer in 3 organizations and pretty much do whatever the heck I want until 3:30pm.  But that is not what life is about…being comfortable.  So here I go, extending myself as a 36 year old and having a baby.  Phillip and the girls are so excited.  And if you have read my posts before, you know that initially I did this for my husband.  Now I’m doing this for us, my family.  We all need this little girl/sister/daughter in our lives and we’re excited to meet her.


Thank you for your take on the two nursery boards.  I decided to mix them up.  When I was sitting in the room visualizing the space I knew it needed color. Pops of color.  It’s super small and the basic furniture and paint are very neutral.  Did I forget to mention that it serves 3 purposes?  Yep, a nursery, a guest room, and craft closet.  Sadly there was no room for a rocking chair/glider, or a changing table.  I am make shifting the end of the queen size bed into a small changing area.  Being positive, I am imagining some peaceful quiet nights snuggling (nursing) baby girl in that bed, so the idea of a nursery/guest room combo isn’t so bad.

So here is the plan:

screen shot 2017 01 23 at 10.43.36 pm


It’s almost all put together and most items were either gifted (THANK YOU!) or ordered and on their way.  And because the hunt is half the fun, most everything was on sale or an affordable price so hubby doesn’t get too upset.  I promise to post some pictures really soon.  All of the resources are below.  In real life its beautiful and a happy place.  My girls were a big part of putting it all together and so were you!  I hope you like it too.

Mobile/Rabbit Pictures/Stripe Quilt/Sputnik Light/Checkered Quilted Pillow/Abstract Art/Black Polka Dot Crib Sheet/Rug/Coral Round Velvet Pillow/Grid Pillowcase/Mustard Tassel Pillow/Black Ikat Pillow/Pink and Brass Lamp/Bed Skirt

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