Help!  I deliver this baby girl in 3 weeks and I need to put the finishing touches in the nursery.  This is supposed to be the fun part, but I am struggling!  I’d much rather design more sophisticated spaces like a kitchen, an office, or bathroom.  Kids rooms and nurseries are NOT my thang.  But this is what I have so far…



So which one do you like?  A or B?  Cover up one half then look at the other.  Which one speaks to you and why?  Should I go girlie, blushy, and feminine (A)? Or fun and modern, allowing for pops of color (B)?

The furniture is all white-ish and the walls are neutral (Revere Pewter- too lazy to repaint).  I am SET on getting both the bunny pictures, although I could switch them out to black and white prints, AND the black and white swiss dot bed sheet.  Is there something you’d keep looking for? Different rug maybe? I hate being so indecisive, especially when in the end, this really isn’t that big of a deal.

Thanks for your help and feedback!  Fun stuff.  Good times.  Tiff

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