My House- Paint and Carpet

I love my home.  It was built in 2007.  It first belonged to a neat and tidy English lady whom everyone loved on my street. Her husband passed away and she moved to California to be with family.  Meanwhile she rented it out.  For one year the renters TRASHED it, turned it into a daycare, and left it in shambles.  Summer of 2013 we stumbled across it.  At first I was disgusted, then my realtor asked me if I liked the layout.  And…I really liked the open layout.  Hmmmmm.  It had four bedrooms like I wanted, was a one story rambler, and backed up to a beautiful green space which meant privacy.  Like so many home buyers looking before me, they probably had a difficult time looking past the white-turned-brown carpets, water damaged hardwood floors, filthy walls, and bugs everywhere (someone left the back door open for a month!)…but I saw the potential. I knew it would be a smart choice because it was the worst house on the best street.  Here are some before pictures.

20130806 192928

20131005 105051

20130806 192935

Back 3 Bedrooms and Living and Dining Room Paint

So…Before moving in and replacing the carpet, my sister Lindsey and I painted all the bedroom walls and ceilings.  I wanted a warm gray, so I chose Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  I had to decide fast and although it’s a beautiful color, I still think it’s too dark for me.  There is only one window in each of the bedrooms, so not much natural light comes in.  So we also painted the ceilings to help with add more reflective light.  It felt so good adding a fresh coat of paint on those filthy walls.  I even added a fresh coat of paint on the baseboards.  I’m glad we did this before we got new carpets because a whole gallon of paint spilled and we did nothing but laugh!  The Revere Pewter looks really good in the front Dining/Living room because there are lots of windows and natural light.  Again, I like this color, I don’t love it.  I wish I had joined the white paint train instead but almost three years later and the thought of repainting exhausts me.  Now you see my lazy side.

20131001 154813

My sister Lindsey aka “The work horse”. She helped me paint every inch of my house. This room has the Revere Pewter paint and white ceilings.

Master Bedroom Paint

I wanted to paint my bedroom a different color, so I went with one of my favorites, Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore. I.Love.This.Color.  It’s the epitome of fresh, yet so neutral.  We painted the ceiling as well.  Remember, all of this painting happened in one week because we were getting new carpet.

20131005 105003

This is the master bedroom with Wickham Gray on the walls and white ceilings. Ready for new carpet!



Then, we got new carpet.  I chose a low pile with a gray-brown color.  I love the color to this day.  But I do wish I chose an even lower pile, something more interesting with a square pattern, but at the time I was being very money conscience. Lowe’s has this Stainmaster lowpile that I still think about today.


20130806 193011


20131005 151630

Main Corridor Paint

My sisters and mom were in town one week, and we pulled together and painted the main corridor of my house which includes the entryway and hallway that leads to the kitchen, dining nook, and great room.  I almost went white but chickened out at the last minute.  I then chose a Sherwinn Williams color called Eider White.  It’s white with a hint of gray.  I really do love this one.  I’m glad I went with a little shade of color.  This time, I enlisted my husband to paint the ceilings white.  If you have ever painted ceilings before, you’ll probably never do it again.  It’s awful hard on your body, but totally worth it!

Just by changing the carpet, and painting almost every square inch of this house, it began to feel like me.  It went from dark terra-cotta tuscan, to fresh and modern.  I probably spent about $500 on paint and supplies.  Small price to pay for such a HUGE difference and to personalize the space.  Stay tuned for a video and pictures of the AFTER for the main corridor and all the spaces in my house.  Keep in mind I did everything myself and on a next to nothing budget.

BEFORE Sept. 20013 (Phillip and my relator, going over purchasing papers)

20130806 193658

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